Sunday, March 3, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Price: Members $25, Non-members $35 (Non-members must pay in advance)
Up to 14 teams (28 players)

To participate in this tournament, you will need to have an active DUPR account (see above article) and be a member of LNRC DUPR Club. Scores from the tournament will be entered into DUPR to help participants build their DUPR skill rating.

This mixed-doubles round robin format tournament will accommodate a total of 14 teams (28 players) which will be slotted in either an upper or lower division based on the team’s skill level.

Teams will play six round robin games to 11 win by 1 against the other teams in their division. Results of round robin will determine seeding. Seeds 1 and 2 will play a best of three match to 11 win by 2 for gold and silver. Seeds 3 and 4 will play one game to 15 win by 2 for bronze.

This tournament is a mixed double tournament. If you don’t have a partner, notify the front desk or use our new TeamReach group (LNRCPB) to recruit a partner. When registering, please indicate who your partner will be.

To register for clinics and events, call the front desk at 980-444-2280, email [email protected], or members can use RacquetDesk to register.